Aaham, Ghamand – Ego, Proud


Aaham is a dangerous enemy of every person. We may develop ego of success and achievements or some special conditions gained, such as education, knowledge, money, strength, beauty etc.

विद्या, बुद्धि, बल का होगया मुझे अहम्

  • करता हूं गैरों पे केवल जुल्मो सितम,
  • अपनों पे नजरे इनायत रहमो करम,
  • देखें अब टकराने का है किसमें दम,
  • विद्या, बुद्धि, बल का होगया मुझे अहम्
  • पर चेहरा जब दर्पण सम्मुख आया,
  • सामने दसानन रावण नजर आया,
  • दम्भी बलसाली का बल काम न आया,
  • बनवासी राम ने अहमक मार गिराया,
  • मस्तिष्क पर घबराहट नजर आयी,
  • पर मन का घमण्ड न हुआ कुछ कम,
  • विद्या, बुद्वि, बल का होगया मुझे अहम्चित्र बदला कंस की छवि नजर आयी,
  • कृष्ण के हाथ जिसने थी मृत्यु पायी,
  • होगये जब ऐसे बलशाली धराशायी,
  • वास्तविकता की इबारत समझ आयी,
  • काफूर होगया तुरंत वो नाहक वहम,
  • विद्या,बुद्धि, बल का होगया मुझे अहम्

This is a translation of above poetry :-

Aham/ Ego

Aham(ego) is the worst enemy of human being. No one remain unaffected from this defilement. It is the root cause of the mental agony and suffering.


The achievement and success in any field such as education, knowledge, business, power etc. may be a reason of egoistic behavior. All these achievements have the nature of impermanence and feeling to be proud for them is foolishness.


The poem is based on the theme of “my ego”.
My mental perceptions and formations are fully afflicted by ego. Under it’s influence I have started committing atrocities on others, and doling out favors to my near and, without having any kind of fear. I also started challenging and threatening others.

One day when I was looking at the mirror, The face of Ravana, king of Lanka, having ten heads reflected on it in place of my face. No doubt, he was a brave warrior, but was egoistic too. He was defeated by Rama, who after renouncing his kingdom Ayodhya, was living in forests. Rama with the help of the army of monkeys killed him along with all of his near and dear.
This revelation raised some worries in my mind, but failed to reduce my egoism.

Suddenly there was a change, a new face had emerged. It was the face of Kansa the cruel king of Mathura. He was also a brave and egotist personality. In spite of having faith in his personal and army strength, he was killed by his unarmed Krishna, a cow herd.

Both of these reflections forced my mind to seriously think that when the brave personalities like Ravana and Kansa had to face defeat then where do I stand. All of sudden my mental perceptions changed. I bid good by to ego and my mind fully filled with compassion, and loving kindness.

Mangalmay Gantantra Divas| The Republic Day