About Author

Newton?s analogy of knowledge using symbols of a small child and an ocean continues to be a great source of inspiration, for anyone in pursuit of Knowledge. This inspiration has proven beyond doubts that learning is a continuous process, so much so that, at the age of 61, I have passed the ?Executive level? of the ?Company Secretaries course?. Other than formal education, an ocean of knowledge still passes through many other diverse facets. My interest revolves around human compassion in midst of social evils prevalent in our society. Poetry as a medium to narrate these evils – particularly on illiteracy, discrimination, gender bias – is an active interest. At last, comes the subject of human actualization where Buddha?s eightfold path has been an eye-opener. It is much more difficult to follow the beautiful tenets than to preach them. While the above is true, I still am writing. ? Meditation Now Or Never. ?, to share a perspective.