Lord Buddha taught us to accept all THE WORLDLY PHENOMENA AS THE WAY IT IS. These teachings are very much relevant in modern era too.


Mainly he taught three teachings:-

1. All the worldly phenomena have the nature of change from moment to moment.

2. Our desire of aspiring for the way things should be is the cause of suffering.

3. We do not command any control over this ever-changing phenomena. So it is prudent to accept it “As the way it is”.

We treat the human body as self whereas, it is not so. Everything, including a human body, comprises of five aggregates. Certainly, I have no control over mine body. It functions in its own way. Suppose my body suffers from a headache. May I be able to stop it if I wish so? It would not follow my command. For some practical purposes, such as hunger, shelter, clothing, sleeping etc. it is required to be taken care of as belonging to self.

In order to fulfill the practical purposes, some identification is required. As such, the body, which? I pronounce as me, was given a name for identification after birth.

Similarly, the other human bodies were also given the recognition. Certainly, some identification is required. There is no harm in it.


The suffering start arising as soon as we establish contact with outward objects. The contact may be established by any of the following activities.

1. Seeing by the eyes.

2. Hearing from the ears.

3. Smelling by the nose.

4. Tasting by the tongue.

5. Touching by the skin.

6. Feeling by the mind.


Now we would try to understand the actual question of as to how the feelings of dissatisfaction arise.


For example, I saw two ladies. One beautiful and the other one ugly looking. As soon as the contact is established my mind may start the evaluation process. I may develop the desire of calling the beautiful lady near to me. On the other hand, I may wish that the ugly lady shall go away.

If both of my desires are fulfilled I would have pleasant mental feelings.

On the contrary, any of the desire remains unfulfilled I would certainly have unpleasant mental feelings.

Here the contemplation of right view is important. I must develop the awareness of seeing both ladies as the way they are. Both the craving and aversion are uncalled for.

By remaining aware all the time we would certainly be able to move ahead on the path of enlightenment.

We may take another example. If I wish that my all the family members shall, all the time, obey my instructions. Is it possible? Certainly not.

Whenever someone of them would disobey, I would have mental feelings of dissatisfaction. The right view is to accept both the incidents of obedience and disobedience without any evaluation.

Similarly, someone may praise and another one may criticise me. My endeavor must be to accept both praise and criticism without forming any mental feeling.

As another instance, I may get both success or failure while completing any of my tasks. If I attain success that’s fine. On the contrary, if I meet failure that’s fine too.

Therefore, it is the need of every moment that we accept all the conditions “As the way they are”.

In order to attain everlasting bliss, we shall have to develop right awareness and wisdom. It would only be achieved by accepting all the living conditions as a witness. We shall neither cling to the favorable nor wish to get rid of the?unfavorable one.

Vyatha Pathang Ki – The dilemma of the Kite

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