Annihilation of rape incidents is possible by enhancing RAPIST EXTERMINATING WOMEN POWER. The poem encourages the women to enhance their physical and mental fighting spirit.


बलात्कारी संहारक नारी शक्ति

शमशीर उठा, दुर्गा बन जा।

दरिन्दों को तुम खुद दो सजा।।
यहां प्रशासन गुंगा बहरा है,
इनपर सत्ता के दलालों का पहरा है।
बलात्कार, धर्म मुताबिक तौला जाता है,
स्वार्थ पूर्ति हेतु विरोध स्वर बोला जाता है।
यहां लोग त्रासदी में भी लूटेंगे मजा,

शमशीर उठा, दुर्गा बन जा।
दरिन्दों को तुम खुद दो सजा।।
दुराचारियों से मुकाबले की ताकत पैदा कर,
ये सभी नपुंसक हैं, इनका खौफ न कर।
सामाजिक आलोचना की चिन्ता न कर,
रखदे जहरीले नागों के फन कुचलकर।
मेंव्यभिचारियों  में दहसत कर पैदा,
शमशीर उठा, दुर्गा बन जा।
दरिन्दों को तुम खुद दो सजा।।
नारी को अबला कहने वालों को,
अपनी शक्ति का अहसास करा दे।
नराधम पापियों के अंग भंग कर,

शिव भोले जैसा ताण्डव कर दे।
नहीं आयेगी जालिमों को कोइ लज्जा,
शमशीर उठा, दुर्गा बन जा।
दरिन्दों को तुम खुद दे सजा।।

English translation

Pick up the sword in your hands and become the Goddess Durga. You your- self punish the rapists. Here the administration is deaf and dumb. The power brokers have established a control over it.


The Media too raise these atrocities on women according to the sect of the culprits and victims. Generally, people raise their voices against the criminals in order to satisfy their selfish motivations. They would not feel ashamed in enjoying such demonic incidents.

Develop Strength:

Develop your physical and mental power to stand against the culprits. You need not be frightened of them. You shall also not be worried about the social indictments. With your full might destroy these poisonous snakes. Let them be afraid of your strength. Enhance your strength and enjoy the life in peace and harmony.


Show your strength to those who feel that the women do not have courage and strength. You, yourself punish some of the culprits of the heinous crime by breaking parts of their body. Perform the TANDAV DANCE as performed by Lord Shiva. These culprits are cruel and will never feel ashamed of the crime committed by them.


It is the need of the hour to inculcate the fighting spirit among the girls and ladies. The humanity is in danger as the incidents of rape are increasing day by day. The culprits are targeting minor girls without having fear of law and order. They also enjoy the patronage of power brokers and other extra-constitutional authorities. Actually, the crime investigating and judicial system are handicapped.

In my opinion, this menace can be controlled by enhancing the physical and mental strength of women specifically, girls.
In order to attain this goal, the girls shall be trained in martial arts. The society shall also refrain in passing strictures on the victims.

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