Bandhuwa bachpan | Bonded Childhood


Bandhuwa bachpan(bonded childhood) is a shame on the humanity. A large number of children are forced to work as labor, instead of going to schools. The root cause of this problem is poverty.

Bandhuwa bachpan/ Bonded childhood

Right to enjoy the childhood:- All the children have the right of education, so, we request all the citizens not to force them to work as labor, rather let them enjoy the childhood. Their parents shall also take steps for eradication of this problem. These children would be the able citizens of our motherland. They may be the scientists, doctors, engineers, players, professionals etc. Specifically, both the government and people shall join hands for creation of atmosphere and facilities.


?These children would be able to develop new technology and techniques of all-round development. Certainly which will ensure the prosperity and well being of the people. Certainly our country will march ahead to become a developed nation and The fulfillment of dreams of the people would be possible.


All of us are requested with folded hands to let these flowers blossom in their full capacity without any obstacles.
It is the primary duty of all of us to see that no child shall remain illiterate. Though the government have made the right to education as a fundamental right and also have declared the child labor as illegal, a lot of facilities are required to be created attain the goal of a fully literate nation. We shall undertake activities of providing economic assistance to the deprived classes so that they refrain from sending their children to work as labor.

By taking earnest right steps and formulating a proper planning, it is sure that our mother land would become fully literate nation.

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