How to attain 24×7 mental joy


Every human aspire to attain 24×7 mental joy. In order to achieve the goal, he works hard. But he fails to follow the right path.

The middle path of joy

24X7 mental joy
24X7 mental joy

Due to ignorance most of us follow the wrong way. Either we indulge in satisfying materialistic desires or practice renunciation.

Whereas we ought to follow the middle path. It consists of the following eight Universal parts:-

Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Intention, and Right Mindfulness.

Letting go to craving or aversion

In order to succeed in our endeavor, we must accept every external condition without grasping.

24X7 mental joy
24X7 mental joy
24X7 mental joy
24X7 mental joy

We shall refrain from craving for pleasure. Similarly, avoid the attitude of aversion towards pain.

Obviously, it is prudent that we practice letting go of both extremes. Though at first, it is a little bit difficult. But by completing all of the activities of our body and mind with the right awareness we would ultimately succeed.

Attachmentnnnnn derails us from track

24X7 mental joy
24X7 mental joy

Actually, the desire of grasping the pleasant events kicks us from one side. Similarly, nature to get rid of unpleasant ones kicks from the other side.

Both of these extremes are responsible to derail our mental feelings from the right track.

Avoid reactions to an external condition

We are accustomed to react unconsciously. For example whenever someone criticizes us the mental feelings of dissatisfaction arises. With full of anger, we start arguments that may result in fierce fight.

On the other hand on hearing words of praise we feel mental pride. All of us crave for money, power, and fame. We have a nature to retain achievements permanently and to get rid of unpleasant conditions.

Everything is changing constantly

This perception of reaction is the root cause of unsatisfactoriness. Actually, it is a universal law of nature that nothing is permanent. Everything including the human body and mental thought process is changing constantly.


Instead of aspiring for pleasure and avoid pain we must accept every external condition unconditionally.

This practice will certainly, lead us towards the attainment of 24×7 mental joy.



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