How to develop Universal Wisdom


Actually our attachment to the perceptions of personality obstructs the way to attain Universal Wisdom. It includes deep contemplation of our mental thought process.

Universal Wisdom
Universal Wisdom

Obviously, we ought to investigate the arising and cessation of thoughts without attachment to self.

Born as No- Self

When we born we only possessed our body and consciousness/soul. For the purpose of identification, our parents gave us names. No doubt, for our survival we certainly need its’ nourishment and protection.

We developed perceptions of our personality as self according to the prevailing external conditions of family and society. Though it has a nature of constant changes, we wish it to be permanent. Which causes dissatisfaction.

Perceptions are self creations.

From our childhood we start creating perceptions of self-personality. No doubt, it is essential that we think and plan our daily routine chorus.

Universal Wisdom
Universal Wisdom

Similarly, we perform other tasks to gain education, enjoy sports, establish business organizations. All of the activities required for our survival are natural. we must discharge these activities with full awareness.

Actually, every moment we establish contact with external objects. Due to this contact-feelings of like or dislike arise in our mind.

We crave for the liked and wish to get rid of the disliked ones. These feelings cause a simultaneous mental reaction of pleasure or resentment. As a result our attitude and behavior is affected.

This constant contact and reaction process make our attachment to self more stronger.

Accept nature of constant changes.

Universal Wisdom
Universal Wisdom

Every thought which arises is bound to pass away sooner or later. we shall never aspire for their permanence.

But, instead of accepting the natural phenomena we indulge ourselves in grasping. Our attachment to these is bound to cause dissatisfaction.

So, it is fruitful to accept the changing external conditions as the way these are.

Detachment is essential

It is always better to perform every task with mindfulness and detachment to the perceptions of self.

Universal Wisdom
Universal Wisdom


1. I donated a sum of rupees one lakh to an N.G.O. The organization publicly honored me. A feeling of pride and status in society arose.

2.Yesterday the car I bought a week ago was damaged due to an accident. My attachment to car caused feelings of anger and unpleasantness.

Though these reactions are natural, but it is fruitful to accept every incident as the way it is.

It does not mean that we shall refrain from taking right actions. At that moment it is obvious to accept the external conditions without any like or dislike.

Afterward, we may take action as per the prevailing situation.

In order to attain Universal Wisdom, we must plan and execute our activities without attachment to self.

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