How to enjoy life practicing three universal truths


Every human aspire to enjoy life completely. He can do so by practicing three universal truths. In order to attain his goal, he vigorously performs various activities. Usually, he searches happiness in external objects.

Three universal truth

three universal truths
three universal truths

In our daily life we constantly face three universal truth. But due to ignorance we avoid these important facts. Unconditional acceptance of these provide us everlasting peace of mind. These are:-

1. Every thing has the nature of impermanence.

2. Detachment from the perception of self.

3. Attachment to desires causes unsatisfactoriness.

Accept impermanence

three universal truths
three universal truths

Every object, including our body and mind, have a nature of constant change. Our mental feelings also changes in accordance with the changing conditions.

An achievement is pleasant whereas a loss leads to unsatisfactoriness. Acceptance of both without any evaluation or judgement is is a natural state of our mind.

Detach from self-perception.

three universal truths
three universal truths

we are habituated of establishing self attachments with external conditions. This mental feeling causes unsatisfactoriness. It is natural that whatever arises will certainly, pass away. Similarly, the person holding the objects is also changing every moment. He enjoys his present body and mental feelings within a cycle of birth and death.

Attachment causes dissatisfaction

Our desire to attach self with constantly changing conditions/objects is the main culprit. Detachment does not prohibit enjoyment of achievements.

We must discharge all of our duties with complete awareness of these universal truth. We must enjoy our possessions/achievements with mental feelings of detachment.


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