Husband-Wife | Pati-Patni


पति-पत्नी का रिस्ता अनूठा, अलबेला व अजीब होता है।
प्यार से निभाओ तो फूलों भरी सेज अन्यथा कीलों वाली सलीब होता है।
इक दूजे का रूठना मनाना, कभी अपनी कभी उनकी बात मान जाना।
अनचाही पर अश्क बहाना, श्रंगार या प्यार से मनचाही ख्वाइस मनवाना।

ताउम्र प्यार से रिस्ता निभाने वाला बडा खुशनशीब होता है।।
पति- पत्नी का रिस्ता अनूठा, अलबेला व अजीब होता है।।
कभी खुशी कभी गम में साथ निभाना, कठिन राहें सुगम बनाते जाना।
व्यवहारिक कमियों को नजरन्दाज कर इक दूजे के पूरक बन जाना।
विचारधारा जुदा होसकती है पर दिलो ओ दिमाग करीब होता है।।
पति- पत्नी का रिस्ता अनूठा, अलबेला व अजीब होता है।।
अहम् के त्याग व स्नेह की बौछार से जीवन चमन महक जाता है।
परस्पर विश्वास व सहयोग का भाव दुर्गम राह को सुगम बना जाता है।
यह मधुर रिस्ता मझधार में तोङने वाला बहुत ही बदनशीब होता है।।
पति- पत्नी का रिस्ता अनुठा, अलबेला व अजीब होता है।।

This is a translation of above poetry:-

husband-wife | Pati-patni

The relationship of husband-wife (pati-patni) is lovely, awesome and demanding.

If both of them treat each other with love and affection, then it is like a bed full of roses, otherwise it turns out to be a cross full of nails and Throne.

Both have liberty to criticize each other. In case one is annoyed the other tries to calm down the disappointment. In this way both contribute for the settlement of the dispute or the difference of opinion. For the sake of better understanding one may agree to the points of other one.

On the happening of a dislike event the wife generally start shedding tears. She requests her husband to accept her point of openion she also try to impress him by the shower of her love, affection and beautification.

Those who enjoy the married life throughout their life are the luckiest pair.

They may have to face both pleasure and suffering during their joint life journey and in all the good and bad periods they shall encourage and help each other.

By joint efforts both shall try to solve and overcome the difficulties and obstacles they face.

It is expected from both to overlook the practical short comings and weaknesses of each other and shall try to encourage him/ her for the abilities they possess.

There may be differences of  opinion between them, but it is necessary that their heart and mind remain unaffected and undisturbed.

By keeping aside the ego, and acceptance of the views of other, for the sake of happiness, both may enjoy a pleasant married life, which certainly will blossom like a garden of blossomed flowers. With the help and confidence of each other they will overcome the obstacles of their life path, which will turn out to be an easy one.

One who break this lovely relationship in between their life span are the unlucky persons.

So it is truly said that the relationship of pati-patni is lovely, awesome and demanding.

shohar ki vyatha

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