My Life – Clinging causes Suffering and Let Go leads to Wisdom.


Moral values, Concentration, and Wisdom are the main pillars of attainment of tranquility and bliss. By following moral values and practicing concentration a meditator certainly, would be able to develop the wisdom.


Actually, all the human being, most of the time, are not able to differentiate between desire and clinging to desire. All of us have desires and there is no harm in having an aspiration for them. The root cause of suffering is craving and aversion as per our likes and dislikes.

By practicing the cultivation of wisdom to hold and let go we would be able to attain bliss. If we don’t have any desire, we won’t take any action, the chances of progress will be zero.

The Legend Ajahn Chah has beautifully explained it:-

” When the worldly people get blamed or criticised, they really upset. But when they get praised it cheers them up, they say it’s good and get really happy over it.”

By knowing the truth of our various moods and the consequences of clinging to praise or criticism we will become sensitive and would be able to know the reasons for suffering.

Obviously, this practice will lead us to hold and let go. Means we pick up the objects, recognize them and put back them down. Therefore, In this way, we developed the wisdom of hold and let go which will lead to attaining permanent peace and bliss.

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