My Life – Conventions, Liberation , Bliss & Tranquility


For last eleven years, I am practicing the ways and means of not clinging to the established conventions. The practice is going on at a slow & steady pace.

In order to check whether I am going ahead on the right path, the teachings of respected Ajahn Chah give much-needed confidence.

Here in below are some of his guiding teachings:-

” The things of this world are conventions of our own making. For instance, our names arise only through the convention. The name given to us simply is used for convenience as without it we would not be able to communicate.

Clinging to conventions gives rise to defilements. By letting go of conventions we attain liberation.The Buddha taught us to let go the conventions in the right way.

No clinging to conventions is freedom, whereas clinging to them really leads to suffering. So right understanding of both convention and liberation is required.


The word liberation is also a convention but in reality, it refers to that which is beyond conventions. Both of them are necessary for our day to day life. Conventions have a use, but in reality, these are nonexistent. But without them, we won’t have anything to say. We would have no names, no practices, no work. These are established to give us a language, to make things convenient and that’s all. We can say that when there is popular agreement about something, then a convention comes about to fulfill the need.

Our money, house, family, children, and relatives are simply conventions, but in reality, they do not belong to us. Maybe when we hear this we don’t feel good, but it’s a hard reality.These things have value only through the established conventions.

If we establish that it has value then it has value otherwise it is valued less.

Even our body is not really ours, we just suppose it to be so. We can never find a substantial self within it. There are merely elements which are born, continue for a period of time, and then die. Everything is like this.

In order to put our minds at rest, to find peace, we shall contemplate our past, the present and the things which are in store for us, like birth, old age, sickness, and death.”

By not clinging to conventions we would be able to overcome suffering and attain permanent mental peace resulting in true liberation.