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A number of people question the JUSTIFICATION of practicing MEDITATION. Someone asked Lord?Gautam Buddha about the attainments of meditation. He replied he gained nothing. After a short while, he explained that by practicing it he had been able to transcend his defilements.

Obviously, there are a number of questions which may crop up in any human mind:-

Where, how & how long to meditate?

According to the teachings of Lord Buddha, the meditation is not a ritual rather it’s a way of life and it shall be performed anywhere and duration is

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? “24? X? 7”

To start the meditator may sit at a peaceful lonely place for a period of one or two hours daily to develop concentration. But, in reality, it’s a continuous task. As a matter of fact, we shall observe all the events whether favourable/unfavorable, pleasant/unpleasant as a witness only. There shall not be an attachment of craving for the things we like, as well as no aversion to?the things we dislike. we must accept the outcome of any action ” As the way it is”, without?having any judgment, whatsoever.

Ajahn Chah has very well explained it in the book A Collected Teachings:-

“After you get up from the formal sitting practice and go about your business- walking, riding in cars and so on – whenever your eyes see a form or your ears hear a sound maintain awareness. As you experience mind objects which give rise to liking and disliking, try to consistently maintain awareness of the fact that such mental states are impermanent and uncertain. In this way the mind will remain calm and in a state of normality.

As long as the mind is calm, use it to contemplate mind objects. Contemplate the whole of this form, the physical body.

You can do this at any time and in any posture; whether doing formal meditation, relaxing at home, out at work or in whatever situation you find your self, keep the meditation and the reflection going on at all?times.”

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