Meditation – Contemplation is a basis for inward looking by all the human being. Actually, all the mental formation, feelings and perceptions have a nature of constant change. The main course of unsatisfactory is attachments to these ever-changing mental thoughts.

All human being are subject to constant change, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, men or women, is immaterial. No one would be able to remain in the same state for a long time. This changing phenomena is a universal truth and is beyond our control. We can only contemplate the body and mind to observe not self, as in reality both of them are not me and mine.

In the same way, all other things such as property, wealth, possessions, family members, friends, relatives, beliefs, feelings, perceptions too have the same nature of impermanence. All of these belong to us in name but in reality, these belong to nature only. So it is prudent that we avoid the establishment of any clinging to these objects. There is no problem in possession and use of physical materials, attachment to these causes suffering.

Whenever a breathing body is born someone gives it a name for identification, which only comprises five aggregates and consciousness.

Due to ignorance, we view the body and mind belonging to one entity, whereas both of them are separate. whenever any object comes into contact with our sense organs, our mind simultaneously evaluates it as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, favorable or unfavorable etc., and starts reaction as per the evaluation. According to this evaluation, the process of craving for good/pleasant/favorable and aversion for bad/unpleasant/unfavorable come into existence.

The human mind is just like a monkey. It has a nature of jumping from one thought to another constantly. Most of these thoughts are unnecessary and useless. The mental thought process either keep it self-engaged in the analysis and postmortem of past events or keep worrying about the future outcome.


In fact, there is nothing wrong with the way the body is. It is not the body that creates suffering. Our mental thought process, which is the root cause of all the suffering. It wishes to keep the body along with all the belongings permanently forever, which is impossible. Our body has a nature of constant change so wishing otherwise is only a sheer foolishness. It is, as such, better for us to see the way the things are and then let go of the clinging to them.

Meditation helps for the contemplation of the way it is and observe all the conditioned phenomena as a witness without any judgment whatsoever.

mangalmay ho nav varsh


  1. Very useful and detailed post Sir. Yes, very important points highlighted. The mind is an important part of our life. Both body and mind are important to each other, if the mind is unrest the body has to the suffer and if the body is tired then mind has to bear the brunt.

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