My Life – Meditation Postures – Awareness – Consciousness


Every human has?four postures of his body:- sitting, standing, walking and lying down. The Lord Buddha had emphasized that every seeker must meditate in all of these postures.

As a layman question may arise as to how it is possible to do meditation in all the postures. Generally, we see a meditator doing meditational practices in sitting postures. As a matter of fact, the practice of meditation is a 24 x 7 practice. It can be practiced in any one of the body postures.

While accomplishing?any task, it is essential?that we develop the full?awareness of that task. To achieve this goal following the moral values, development of concentration and attainment of wisdom are the necessary ingredients.

Actually, I tried a lot but in vain. My mind was a little bit confused.

After reading the Book –THE? COLLECTED TEACHINGS OF AJAHN CHAH my understanding of the benefits of meditation changed.

He had beautifully clarified the same as stated herein below:-

My Life - Meditation Postures - Awareness
My Life – Meditation Postures – Awareness-Consciousness

“Making the postures even refers? to the mind to our awareness, giving rise to wisdom in the mind, to illuminate the mind. This wisdom of ours must be present in all the four postures.

If we focus our attention on the mind constantly then we have the gist of the practice. Whether we experience mental states which the world knows as good or bad, we don’t forget ourselves. We don’t get lost in good or bad we just remain undisturbed.”

In the same way, we see our praise as a simple praise and a blame as a simple blame. We never get pleased or sad over the comments of others by remaining constantly aware of the danger of both the praise and blame. A meditator accepts both of them ‘ as the way it is’ without any judgment of like or dislike.

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