The most important characteristic of the external phenomena is ‘NOT-SELF’. Due to ignorance we assume our breathing body as self and got attached to it by believing the external and internal conditions as me, my and mine.


Actually our bodies have the? nature of continuous changes since our birth, through childhood, youth, old age and death. We must contemplate the truth of this impermanent nature with wisdom.

We must keep the mind separate from the body in each and every state. Whatever is happening to our body or it’s belongings must not please or displease the mind. It shall look at all the events, whether favorable or unfavorable, as a witness only, without having any judgement, whatsoever. Specifically, the mind shall be allowed to develop the wisdom of ‘ LET GO’ the attachments to all the internal and external conditions.

Favorable Conditions :

Obviously, today I may get possession of some physical object or some one may shower praise on me. The mind shall not develop any craving for these favorable or pleasant conditions. In the same way the mind shall not get disturbed when some of my belongings are destroyed or some one crises me.

The mind shall contemplate, all the conditions as having the nature of impertinence. Attachment of craving and aversion causes unsatisfactoriness. The breathing body is? not-self.

All of us have worldly physical belongings, mental feelings, beliefs, principles and perceptions etc. With the development of wisdom, the mind shall be able to keep itself detached from all the pleasant or unpleasant, good or bad, favorable or unfavorable conditions.

We must accept all the incidents as the way they are, as a witness and without having any judgement of good or bad to gain everlasting peace of mind.

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