Attachment to mental Percepts, Formations, and feelings is the root cause of suffering.


Sila(Moral percepts), Samadhi(Concentration) and Panna(Wisdom) are the ingredients of the NOBLE EIGHTFOLD PATH.Sila shall help in the development of Samadhi and the Samadhi shall enhance the Wisdom.

To attain wisdom we ought to observe and recognize all the parts of our body and mental thought process with full awareness as being impermanent, unsatisfactory and not self. The practice of it is quite simple. We just only have to observe the arising and passing away of the mental thought process as a witness, without having a tendency of clinging and aversion towards them.

MY LIFE- MEDITATION-Sila - Samadhi - Percepts
MY LIFE- MEDITATION-Sila – Samadhi – Percepts

Moral perceptions are useful for developing samadhi. A layman may practice samadhi by sitting with closed eyes and observing the incoming and outgoing breath. But as a matter of fact, none of the postures of the human body i.e., sitting, standing, walking or lying down represent samadhi.

  • Meditation

  • In samadhi, the state of mind is fully focused on all the body parts constantly. The meditator is constantly aware of both right and wrong. He only witnesses arising and passing away of all the thoughts without clinging to them, as he knows their true nature of impermanence.
  • In reality, we have no control over the arising, duration and passing away of the mental thought process. The thoughts are mere thoughts until we act on those with our body, speech or mind. Whenever we act or react to feelings we create something good or evil.
  • For example, if I have an impulse of stealing something belonging to others, but refrain from doing so will not create any evil. On the other hand, it would be useful for the development of awareness.
  • Actually, the moral precepts and concentration shall accompany wisdom.

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