The sound?of silence ensures the development of awareness while performing any activity. It enhances the concentration of the performer manifold. He may do all type of activities without any disturbance while doing the meditation on the sound of silence.


Generally, most of us prefer practicing meditation in sitting posture of the body, by observing the incoming and outgoing breath. Though this Aanapan Sati practice is very useful for developing concentration, we may follow other practices such as Sound Of Silence also.

This practice can be done in any of the postures of the body. We have to just focus our mind on our ears and try to observe a natural sound.

We may observe the sound for any duration of time i.e. five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour, one hour or a longer period. Whenever the mind distracts we politely bring it to the place of observation and restart the work.

This practice certainly would cultivate and develop mindfulness and awareness of our mind which will help in the attainment of wisdom and bliss.

The Legend Ajahn Amaro has described it in few lines:-

” As you develop this inner listening as an aspect of formal meditation, you begin to notice how listening to a auditory object helps you to learn to listening objectively to your thoughts, your moods.”

Mangalmay Gantanyra Divas – The Republic Day

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