Meditation – Let Go Clinging is required to attain Peace of Mind. As all the mental phenomena is ever changing, we shall not have craving for the things which we like and aversion for the things which we dislike.

The sole responsibility of every human is to focus on his mind with wisdom and bring it to peace. He shall try to let go the other things such as sound, forms, odors, tastes, mental feelings and perceptions etc., realizing that these conditions have the nature of impermanence. He must not be get disturbed by whatever feelings arises in his mind, whether it is fear of loss, defamation, death or any kind of anxiety and worry or pleasure of any gain, praise, achievement etc.


All the worldly objects push the mental state towards agitation. All of them have the nature of ‘as the way they are’. None would be able to change their nature of impermanence. So it is fruitful to accept all the conditions ‘as the way they are’, without any clinging. As all of them are impermanent, unsatisfactory, and not-self.

All the conditions follow their own law of nature and are beyond our control. The clinging to the mental feelings, arising out of a contact to any object, is not a natural state of human mind, it’s natural state is peace.

We may have any physical material such as property, valuables, other equipment and devices for our use while accomplishing our daily tasks. Possession of things will not pose any problem. As soon as we start clinging to them as my or mine and get disturbed on any kind of change in their condition, suffering raises it’s head in our mind.


All the worldly objects, including our body, belong to world(nature).

Our body follow it’s natural course of birth, sickness, old age and death and any kind of direction of change in this process is beyond our control.

Both the mind and body have the nature of come into being and disappear. Wishing to them to be permanent and under our possession is sheer foolishness. For example the natural state of our respiratory system is inhalation and exhalation of breath through nostrils. Inhalation precedes exhalation. Exhalation without inhalation is quite impossible. Likewise whatever arises or born will certainly pass away or expire. The assumption of death without birth or cessation without arising is ignorance. We must accept both the conditions of pleasure and suffering or favorable and unfavorable with equanimity. Possession or use of any object is the part and parcel of our daily life, clinging to the desire of keeping them forever causes the suffering.

Specifically, to avoid this phenomena the practice of let go would be very useful for the attainment of much needed peace of mind.



  1. Iíve found that itís not possible to let go of everything because that will only happen when we die. But what we can do is, rather than grasping, just hold out our palms to feel everything gently. Our hands are a metaphor for the way in which our brain can operate. We can grasp, or just gently accept. My dog is old and will die soon. Some people avoid having pets because they feel they will not cope with the sorrow of having to say goodbye to a loved one who doesnít live very long. But I say that in the knowledge of the petís impermanence, we experience a beautiful relationship wherein we treasure and value a beautiful companion for as long as s/he is here. Everything passes. Everything. Sometimes this is a cause of sorrow, but sometimes a source of joy, for example when we recover from an illness. This is simply the nature of life. One can notice it without sitting cross-legged in front of a candle. The point is to simply observe.

    • Let go of things is not required. Let go of desire of clinging to things is required. For example I have a beautiful house. Having a house and using it as residence causes no problem. Suffering starts ad soon as I wish to keep the house, in the same condition, forever, which is at all not possible. The conditions of the

    • The change in the conditions of the house is inevitable. My clinging to the desire that the house should be in my possession without any change forever is the root cause of suffering. Either the conditions of the house would change or I may die. In both the situations my desire will not be fulfilled which will cause suffering. So it is always fruitful to let go the clinging to desires.

      • Yes. Clinging to the desire for things to be pleasurable, rather than painful. It’s quite natural isn’t it, for humans to want to try to avoid pain and maintain pleasure. But pain is as much a part of life as pleasure and trying to avoid it often creates even more pain. Meditation is the art of sitting with pain, as much as pleasure. Just sitting with all of it. Understanding that there cannot be one without the other.

        • In reality absence of suffering ensures peace of mind. Whenever our mind remain in equanimity in all the situations, whether favourable or unfavourable, would enhance the awareness and wisdom.

  2. As I read this story, it made me remember reading a Hindu story where a man had to find another who wasn’t married. It ended that the unmarried men were possessed by the desire to get married, but one married man was not possessed by marriage. in the same story it also had money. again the only one was a man with money, but it didn’t possess him, as the lack of money possessed the poor people. As Christians, we gain that peace by saying these things belong to God. I have been rich and I have been poor, and I have learned to be content in all situations. Once freed of those things, we are able to focus on God’s love for other people. We actually keep growing in that freedom all our lives. I appreciate your following us.

  3. I have said much of the same thing to many people for 30 years, when I started practicing Nichiren Buddhism. Cause and effect. Understanding impermanence of birth, aging, sickness and death and realizing of life goes through this cycle. Why would humans not go through as well. Why would be birth, aging, sickness then heaven. People have no real concept of what they believe heaven to be. I think represents not having any more struggles which I thinks makes heaven very boring forever existence.
    I don’t mediate in silence. Causes are made through thoughts, words and action. I chant nam myoho renge kyo and focus on what I need change about how I react to my environment. I focus on where I’m going and I focus on having no doubt – to have wisdom to see the opportunities as they arise that take me where want to go. To chant with the energy of a galloping horse. I don’t chant to relax. I chant to move mountains. Being alive is such wonderful thing. I think there are many ways to get where you want to go. I know, for me, if hadn’t found this I don’t think I’d be alive today.

    • Thanks a lot for the comments. Acceptance of the things as it is a right step. Whenever we start thinking about how the things should be, which may or may not happen, causes unsatisfactoriness.

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