We must do MEDITATION PRACTICE WITH UNDERSTANDING. Most of the meditation practitioners?believe in the practice of sitting and/or walking meditation. apart from this, they listen to sermons?by various venerable enlightened?teachers. But these are only the outer forms of meditation practice.



Actually, all the worldly phenomena have a nature of constant changes. So, our attachment of clinging and aversion to them is a fruitless exercise. All of us shall observe and accept this impermanence in every mental feeling?and perception. Whatever seems to be pretty today may turn to ugly tomorrow. On the other hand, the things looking ugly today may turn out beautiful tomorrow. We ought to have developed the understanding of contemplating this?ever-changing nature of every aspect. Since nothing is permanent then what for shall we have a desire of keeping them permanently.

By contemplating this way we would be able to see the truth within every aspect.


Certainly, the feelings of all the phenomena lie in the human mind. To really contemplate it, we will have to observe the arising and cessation of these mental feelings. The desire of clinging and aversion to them is the root cause of the suffering. By doing so we would be able to develop the right wisdom of contemplation.

We may have any of the following four kinds of clinging.

  1. Clinging to sense objects.

2. Clinging to rites and rituals.

3. Clinging to the views.

4. Clinging to the ideas of self.

We shall try to?keep ourselves?detached from all types of clingings to attain peace.


Equanimity has a great role to play in the development of understanding and awareness. We would accept both good/bad, favorable/unfavorable outcome ‘as the way it is’.

For example:- All of us face both the words of praise and criticism in our day to day life. Obviously, we like praise and dislike the criticism. In order to practice the meditation?rightly, we ought to accept both the praise and criticism as the way it is without any like or dislike. We shall neither run after the praise nor run away from criticism.


As soon as we would be able to accept feelings of all the aspects without any clinging and aversion the actual meditation practice will take place