My Life Meditation- THE EIGHT FOLD PATH


We may achieve mental peace by accepting all the feelings, as the way these are. It is required that we shall neither crave for the favorable nor develop an aversion?to the unfavorable conditions.

Obviously, we must observe all of the events as a witness. The outcome whether pleasant or unpleasant shall not have any effect on our mind. All these conditions are impermanent. Attachment to these changing conditions causes suffering.

Suffering and pleasure, both are the feelings of mind, nothing else. Praise or gains cause pleasure whereas, criticism or losses cause suffering

Acceptance of both praise or criticism, favorable or unfavorable situations, likes or dislikes etc. ‘As The Way, They Are’ will lead to peace of mind.

Any human may transcend suffering and pleasure by following the EIGHTFOLD PATH AS TAUGHT BY LORD GAUTAM BUDDHA:-

1. Right Understanding.

2. Right Thought.

3. Right Speech.

4. Right Action.

5. Right Livelihood.

6. Right Effort.

7. Right Mindfulness.

8. Right Concentration.

As a matter of fact, a seeker shall walk ahead on this Noble Path with awareness. By doing so he would certainly, be able to develop the wisdom. This wisdom would ensure the everlasting mental peace.

The root cause of suffering is ignorance. We have a tendency of craving for the objects we like and aversion for the objects we dislike.

The practice of the path in each and every moment of the daily chores of our life would transform the ignorance to the wisdom of understanding the nature of impermanence of all the objects.

Though we may think, plan and act to accomplish a task outcome of the action is beyond our control. It may or may not be as per our aspirations.

We ought to accept both favorable or unfavorable results, AS THE WAY THEY ARE, with equanimity, to attain and enjoy the everlasting PEACE AND JOY.

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