In order to achive a targeted goal we ought to have enhance our capacity by doing repeated rigorous practice. Similarly we would be able to attain permanent peace of mind and bliss by practicing inside meditation continuosly in all of our postures ie. sitting, walking, standing and lying.

Indide meditation means witnessing all the mind feelings with full awareness, as the way they are, witbout passing any judgement.

Here question may arise , ” How to practice inside meditation?”

AJAHN CHAH had beaytifully explained it:-

“Actually this practice is just about the mind and it’s feelings. It’s not some thing that we have to run after or strugle for. Breathing continues while working. Nature takes care of the mental process- all we have to do is to try to be aware. Just to keep trying, goinging inwards to see clearly. Meditation is like this.

All kinds of thinking are mental conditions, not the conditions of body, so we need to simply have presence of mind. Then we will know right and wrong all times, standing, walking, sitting and lying. We can not run away from feeling, we must know it. Feeling is just feeling, happiness is just happiness, unhappiness is just unhappiness. So why should we cling to them.”

So both clinging and aversion are the root cause of ignorance which obstruct the achievement of permanental mental peace. To walk smoothly on the path of inside meditation we shall practice morality , concentration and wisdom. We shall have to let go mental feeling of both likes and dislikes.


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