The legend who is guiding me to purify my mind is Shri Arvind Bhai Mehta, who has attained the age of 85 years. He too is practicing the teachings of Lord Buddha. He suggested? me to read the book THE COLLECTED- TEACHINGS OF – AJAHN CHAH. I have read this book once and have started reading it second time.

I am pleased to cite some lines from this book about THE MIDDLE WAY WITHIN.

The teachings of all the Buddhas have one aim- to show the way out of suffering to those who have not yet escaped. The teachings are for the purpose of giving us the right understanding.

All the Buddhas have pointed out two extremes:-

1.Indulgence in pleasure.

2. Indulgence in pain.

The enlightened one have observed that all beings are stuck in these two extremes. The Buddha taught to let go of both of them. This is right practice. This is THE MIDDLE WAY WITHIN.

This middle way do not refer to our body or speech, this refer to the mind. When a mental impression which we do not like arises, it effects the mind and there is confusion. When the mind is confused it is shaken up. This is not the right way. When a mental impression arises which wr like, the mind goes to indulgence in pleasure. That’s not the right way either.

We don’t want suffering, we want happiness. But in fact happiness is justa refind form of suffering. We can compare it to a snake. The head of the snake is suffering and it’s tail is happiness. If we touch the head of snake it will bite us straight way. On the other hand if we touch it’s tail, it will turn around bite just the same way.

Bothe happiness and unhappiness, or pleasure and sadness arise from the same parent- WANTING.

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