Now Or Never


There was a lion in a forest, all the other animals accepted him as their ruler. He passed a standing order for the inhabitants of that area for offering his daily food turn by turn.

On the day of it’s turn one little rabbit arrived at the cave of the Lion late night without any food. This made the lion very much angry. The rabbit pleaded not guilty briefed how another lion blocked the way and snatched the entire food he was bringing declaring himself as the only king. The furious lion asked the rabbit to take him at the place where the other lion is at the moment. The rabbit gladly took the lion near a well and told that the other lion is living in the well. The lion saw reflection of his face in the water. He roared with anger that he is the only king of that forest. His voice came radiating from the well. Without giving a thought the jumped into the well and was dead.

This story explains the importance of awareness in our life.

Our thought process commences as soon as out mind has a contract with an object through our sensual organs. Wandering after thoughts and consequent feelings of clinging and aversion the mind becomes tired and weak. It is as such, very much prudent to develop awareness to let the mind observe the things as the way they are. Actions undertaken without the use of awareness have lack of wisdom. Perfect awareness does not allow the mind to concoct mental defilements. A proliferate mind will always try to view the objects as per it’s likes or dislikes. The perfectly awake mind very well knows that all the mental formations are impermanent and clinging to them are of no use.

With awareness we just only observe the movements of the mind as fillings formed due to contacts and do not attach ourselves with them . Such tranquil mind is no more fascinated by forms, sounds, feelings , fragrance or taste and does not indulge in clinging or aversion but just only observe them the way they are without any likes or dislikes and love or hate.