Now Or Never


A person went to market to buy some fruits. The fruit vendor was a young boy of about 15-16 years of age. The man separated some mangoes out of the pile and asked the boy to weigh the same. The boy started checking each piece before putting them in to the weighing scale. When enquired about the same he replied with a smile that there may be some rotten mangoes as smell is coming out of the pile. That’s why he is making sure about the freshness of the mangoes before delivering to the customers.

The quality of human consciousness may be divided into two parts. One representing lust, greed, self interest and sensual pleasure etc. The other one represents truth, harmony, love and goodness etc.

It’s quality is determined by the motivation than intelligence.

Before arriving at any action plan it is very much necessary to judge the intention behind the same. Actions undertaken to deceive others should not be carried? forward .

Those who yearn for name, fame and power etc., act without considering the importance of their inner consciousness. On the other hand the persons undertaking actions as per their inner consciousness always find themselves full of love, kindness and harmony.

There is always a goal of actions which may be classified as good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral, ethical or unethical depending on the goal. So it is utmost important to decide and fix the goal guided by the right inner consciousness.

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