Now Or Never


Angulimal was a notorious robber. He was habituated of robbing off and killing the passengers who passes through that forest. Apart from that he was also fond of of wearing a garland of fingers chopped off from the hands of the killed passengers. One day he came into contact with Gautama Buddha, who was passing through the same forest. After hearing the passionate and kind words of Buddha his mind was fully transformed. He determined to follow the path shown by Buddha and by practicing the same he became a saintly person.

The conclusion is that unless the human mind is trained it has inclination towards evils. The same conclusion may also be derived from the behavior of animals. Taming and training of bullocks for yoking and of horses and elephants for services in battle fields is the utmost necessity.? ?For? taming and training the human mind observation of some of the perceptions is very much essential. The following perceptions may be considered for this purpose.

1. Abstinence from taking the life of other living beings.

2. Abstinence from stealing of others belongings.

3. Abstinence from indulging in improper sexual intercourse.

4. Abstinence from taking and consuming intoxicant drugs.

5. Abstinence from telling lies.

6. Abstinence from setting one person against another.

7. Abstinence from using harsh, rude and rough words.

8. Abstinence from frivolous talks.

9. Abstinence from improper livelihood.
In order to live a stress free life one has to tame and train his mind by observing these perceptions as the realm of the sensual pleasure are like a wild animal which would pose a great danger.