Now Or Never


SHARING HAPPINESS – Whoever wishes to be a happy being ought to have cultivate it first inside himself. It is impossible to achieve it by any type of accumulations. It’s just a feeling which can be continuously felt and enjoyed by forgiving one self and others for their actions without passing any judgement. By doing so at all the times one may reach the state of bliss.

The other power full tool by which this feeling is enhanced is the expression of gratitude. This surely reduces negativity from mind resulting reduction of mental stress. It not only improve physical and psychological health but change one’s perspective on life as well.

Another most powerful emotional tool adding value to it is loving kindness. This encompasses the art of loving to nature, humanity, and other living or non living being.

One, who is fully filled up with it would be able to share it with others. In addition it is prudent not to take any thing personally, as actions of others are always based on their opinions, analysis and knowledge. It is non of our business to be worried from other’s thoughts and deeds. Rather, it is better to enjoy the life without any resistance which helps in embracing the world ‘as it is’ with all it’s abilities and handicaps.

Similarly, illusory fears also put obstacles in the achievement of ever enjoying day to day life. These are insignificant having no meaning other than stalling the stream of pleasure.

So, it is always be fruit full to shift the focus from fear to love for the enjoyment of happy and pleasant life.