Ego is like a notorious child who constantly changes his mood. He may ask to cut a fruit and then start crying for restoration of the pieces to the original fruit. Whenever we confront any object it either is as per our liking or disliking. When we are praised it raises it’s head and force us to form a view that no other person is more wiser than us. On the other hand when we are criticized it retaliate by arguing with the critic and consume the entire energy in proving that the conclusion is totally wrong.

It arises only due to ignorance and is a result of our mental thought process, nothing else. It is human nature to react to the actions of others, whereas it is not at all possible to change either to other human beings or to the prevailing situation.
Actually we have a nature of building image of our personalities and as soon as the same is praised or criticised we feel humiliation or pleasure
The best way to come out of the shadow of the EGO is to remain in full awareness and equanimity both at praise and criticism. Both the conditions are impermanent which have the nature of arising and ceasing so, both of them must be accepted, as the way they come, without any willingness or unwillingness.
As soon as we come to contact with any object by way of seeing, hearing, touching, testing or thinking we must accept the situation as a witness, without doing any postmortem , which will enhance our inner mental peace resulting ever lasting happiness.


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