The first and foremost condition of loving kindness is that the person having wishes of sharing love with others must love himself without any condition. It is a fundamental principle of the nature that no one can share what he himself does not possess. Friendship with self is very much important, other wise it can not be developed and shared.

It has the characteristics of promoting the welfare of others. It comprises of four states :-

1. Friendliness

2. Compassion

3. Sharing other’s happiness

4. Equanimity

One who has developed these characteristics doesn’t have any space in his mind for hatred, rivalry, competition, craving, aversion and other such defilements. Rather he would always be in equanimity in both praise and blame.

The deeds carried out for the welfare of others shall be accomplished without any desire of self well being


  1. I cannot entirely agree. Many of those subjected to childhood abuse do not understand real love and do not love themselves. But they can love others, albeit in sometimes flawed (even self-destructive) ways. Though one’s understanding of love can be warped by abuse, the capacity to love is not entirely destroyed. Certainly, the need for love remains.

    • Thanks for mice commentd. The love as explained in loving kindness means that the human who is full of love for entire living beings would certainly be able to spread it un conditionly. The word love which we understand in general parlance, according to me, is some thing different from loving kindness.

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