Now Or Never


Raja Janak was having a discussion about spirituality with Saint Sukdev Ji in his palace. Suddenly a security guard came running and informed about the destruction of Northern part of the palace due to fire. The king heard the message but continued his ongoing discussion. After a while a minister appeared and informed about the actual present situation. The king instructed protective measures but continued the? discussions without having a sign of any fear of loss of property.

Sukdev Ji enquired from the king how he is able to keep himself calm and undisturbed after getting information of huge destruction.

The king replied that all the things are impermanent and he doesn’t have any attachment to the worldly things. So all the happenings pleasant as well as unpleasant have no affect on his mind.

All the things including human body have a tendency of deterioration as these are continuously changing. The human body get transformation from the day of birth through childhood, youth and old age. So when the body is running down and wearing out, resistance of any kind is sheer foolishness. Through wisdom we may allow our minds to cultivate the ability to let go the attachment of all these things. It is certain that the conditions go their own way, whether we laugh or cry over them. Our resistance does not have any impact on their occurrences. This wisdom helps us to accept the things? the way they are, without any like or dislike.

Further we smile when others shower praise on us, and frown when they say words that displease us. It is impossible to expect the others to say things of our likes. Our own mind may do things which some time upset us. Even some time we do things which we don’t like. The liking or disliking are the feelings of our minds. Only by developing the wisdom of accepting and enjoying all the situations as the way they are, along with awareness and equanimity we would be able to live a happy and peace full life.

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