Now Or Never


Dhaniram a business man was living in a village. One day when he came back from another village he saw his house destroyed by fire. He cried and was full of tears as he suffered a huge loss.

After a while his son arrived there and told him about the sale of that house to Sukhiram three days back. Hearing this news he wiped his tears and started smiling as the burnt house belongs to khushiram now and he is saved from loss.
Suffering arises from grasping on to the things. Another problem is the absence of knowledge of the impermanent nature of all the conditioned things.

Whenever we loose some of our belongings we feel miserable. To end suffering we will have to develop an understanding of the way of things otherwise we would be at odds with the truth. In order to live a peaceful life we must look inwardly in our body as well as mind as both happiness and misery are nothing else but feelings only which arises into them. It is important to know the truth of impermanence? and accept the fact of avoiding the clinging to the belongings. Even if we don’t let go the things will gradually leave us. This is the fact of life, which we won’t be able to change. There is no need to worry about the past and future only the knowledge of present is needed. Whatever arises into our minds be it fear of pain, fear of death or anxiety we shall observe the happenings as a witness.

All the conditions follow their own natural laws, so we have no control over them, we can only train our minds to follow the principle of let go of our attachment to these conditions and attain the inner peace, which will be helpful for eliminating the suffering.