Pyaar Amulya Uphaar | Love precious gift


The true love is a natural precious GIFT. We shall never consider it as an ingredient of a commercial transaction, rather it is a true exchange of happiness and joy.

Love Precious Gift

प्यार नहीं कोई व्यापार,
यह तो खुशियों का इजहार।
चाहत विहीन अनमोल ये सौदा,
हृदय मिलन का मुख्य आधार।।
प्यार नहीं कोई व्यापार—–
मां की ममता अतुल्य सौगात,
करती निस्वार्थ जीवन रस संचार।
प्रकृति प्रदत सारी सुविधायें,
प्यार का ही अनुठा विस्तार।।
प्यार नहीं कोई व्यापार—–
देह मिलन कोरी कामुकता,
प्रेमी वियोग में आहें नहीं भरता।
मिलन-वियोग का मर्म समझता,
निज स्वार्थ पूर्ति है मिथ्याचार।।
प्यार नहीं कोई व्यापार—–
सबसे प्यार करो हे मानव,
नहीं बनो तुम कभी भी दानव।
प्यार का दरिया अवरूद्व न करना,
प्यार ही सच्चा अमुल्य उपहार।।
प्यार नहीं कोई व्यापार—–

This is the English translation of above poetry about Love being a Bliss.


Specifically, it is a gift which may be compared to the self-less affection of a mother. She performs her duties, without having any desire, by providing the real nectar of life.

All the available natural facilities are the manifestation of the love. Obviously, it is always true that the love does not have any ingredient of a commercial transaction.

The hugging and touching of bodies are only a means of expressing sexuality. Certainly, it at all does not represent the true love.

Loved ones are not distracted by the rejection of their emotional expressions. They are always prepared to accept both the favorable as well as unfavorable results.

To be selfish, in love and affection is only a wrong notion. So, as a matter of fact, we shall never treat it as a transaction of giving and taking.


 An entire human race is advised to extend it’s love towards all the living creatures, unconditionally. In fact, we shall follow the tenets of the saints, specifically, by abstaining from the demonic harmful activities of destruction, violence hatred and ill will.

The human beings are also requested that they shall refrain from undertaking the activities of creating obstacles to the flow of love. Obviously, the love is certainly, a true virtue. Every one of us shall always accept it as a blessing of the god and never treat it like a commercial transaction.

All of the human beings shall recognize and embrace the tenets of ‘ live and let live’. Each one of us shall move ahead on the path of well being for all and animosity towards none.

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