Pyaar ek saugaat | Love a blessing | Unconditional love


प्यार आनंद की अनुभुति है जिसे जाहिर करना एक छोटी सी बात है।
पर इजहार व इकरार में होजाती अनगिणत दावतें व मुलाकात है।
इकरार होने पर परवरदिगार की रहमत की मिल जाती बडी सौगात है।
जो अगर मिल जाये इन्कार तो नफरत के दंगल की होजाती शुरूआत है।
जरा सम्भल कर कदम बढाना इसमें खुशी व गम दोनों के जज्बात हैं।
दिल का टूटना दुखदायी बहुत होजाता नैनों से अश्कों की होजाती बरसात है।
प्यार सहेजना भी जरूरी है समझने पङते इक दूजे के ख्यालात हैं।
जीवन भर खुशियां देनेवाला है यह सौदा अल्ह की रहमते करामात है।

This is a translation of above poetry speaking of love :-

Pyaar ek saugat/ Love a blessing

All of us accept pyaar ek saugat(love a blessing) as the love is a natural state of our mind. It’s expression does not require any extra efforts, it can be showered in a very simple way, by any one at any time.

It effects the body, mind and heart of all of the living creatures. The body attraction is a tiny part of it. Not only human being, but all of the living creatures, such as animals and birds, also have the ability to feel it.

The natural state of our mind and heart contain tremendous state of love and affection. The animosity and hatred are accumulated and stored in our mind due to the happening of disliked and unwanted events during our day to day life. This hatred force the love to take a back seat.

True love is always unconditional. It never demand reciprocation from the other side. It had tremendous power and capability to solve any kind of problem.

Love is a joy full feeling and always have the blessings of the almighty God. To shower the love is very simple.

But during it’s expression and acceptance a number of meetings and parties may be required to be arranged.

It’s always contain the blessings of the God, but whenever it is rejected a feeling of enmity is caused, which encourage the hatred.

Moving forward on the path of love require well thought steps as it have both the pleasant and unpleasant emotions.

Whenever rejected, it causes feelings of sadness, as a result of which tears from eyes of the affected guys roll out as rain drops.

The behavior of the affected lovers towards each other and the understanding of their emotions require a careful conduct and action. While doing each one shall respect the thoughts, emotions, feelings and point of view of the other one.

It is a life long joyful journey, which always contain the blessings of the almighty god as a boon.

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