May the Shower of Equanimity be on the pure land of the subconscious mind. We shall root out the harmful grass of Ego and through it out.
All of us shall plow and plant the saplings of love. The fragrance of compassion and loving kindness be shared by every human being.
Each and every human shall refrain from committing the activities of atrocity and cruelty.


अन्तर्मन की पावन धरा पर,
समरसता की होवे बौछार।
जड़ से उखाड़ कर दूर करें,
अहंकार की खरपतवार।

स्नेह और सौहार्द के हल से,
करूणा की पौध लगाते हैं।
सब जीवों का मंगल होवे,
मन में यह बोध जगाते हैं।
इस धरा से दूर हो जाये,
उत्पीड़न, दूराचार औ अत्याचार
अन्तर्मन की पावन धरा पर,
समरसता की होवे बौछार॥

सर्वजन हितायः सर्वजन सुखायः,
का सब मिल करें आव्वाहान।
इक दूजे के हित साधन का,
हम सब रक्खें पूरा ध्यान।
सत्यकर्म करें सब मिल कर,
होवें सम्पन्न सभी परिवार।
अन्तर्मन की पावन धरा पर,
समरसता की होवे बौछार॥

जग रूपी सारे उपवन में,
करूणा के पुष्प खिलें चहुं ओर।
कोई न रह जाये अब पीछे,
होवे ऐसी सुमंगल भोर।
शिक्षित व जागृत हों सब जन,
मिटे भूख, भय, भ्रष्टाचार।
अन्तर्मन की पावन धरा पर,
समरसता की होवे बौछार॥

मिलकर कदम बढाने से ही,
होगा खत्म अब आतंकवाद।
वंचित और पीड़ित जन मन के,
करने होंगे दूर विषाद।
सत्य, अहिंसा और प्रेम की,
लहलहाये सुनहरी पैदावार।
अन्तर्मन की पावन धरा पर,
समरसता की होवे बौछार॥

This is a English Translation of above Hindi Poetry


Basically, we are duty-bound to ensure the basic amenities for all. No one shall be deprived of food, cloth, shelter, education and medical facilities.
As a matter of fact, we shall endeavor for the well being of all. Each one of us shall take care so that no one is derived from the fruits of development. We shall discharge our duties truthfully and honestly. The hunger and poverty shall have no place throughout the world.
There shall be a Sunrise of loving kindness. Hatred shall become a thing of past. Anger and cruelty shall have no place in our day to day life.
It is the need of the hour to work with unity towards eradication of hunger and poverty. In order to wipe out terrorism, we shall develop and share the love with each other. The backward and underprivileged sections shall be brought to the mainstream. Truth, nonviolence, and compassion shall be cultivated and flourished in every walk of our life. There shall be no discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, cast, and creed. Fruits of development shall be available to all. Friendship with all and animosity with none shall be the principle of human life. All must enjoy their life with equanimity.

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